Exhibition at Eastern Southland Gallery

The show at Eastern Southland Gallery was amazing. The circular works mirrored the circular pressed steel ceiling in the main gallery. This show is to be shown at the Invercargill Art Gallery, at their temporary premises from 17th August, 2018.

Crowdfunding campaign

As I haven’t been able to give up my day job yet, I take great interest and delight in working on Art projects with four year olds. It is more than a job- it is a passion. I have taken professional development workshops over many years, promoting enriching, challenging and exciting art programmes. I take a socially constructed approach to teaching Art, generally working on long term projects of interest over several month periods.

Despite the length of time on any one project, there is never a dull moment, and I am continually surprised at young children’s drive, motivation, passion and tenacity throughout the projects. All projects reflect the children’s interests and generally morph into places we can never anticipate. I guess that is why things are always so exciting. Each project takes a holistic approach to the child, emphasizing the elements of Art in a multi faceted context . Our subjects are explored thoroughly and our responses are expressed in the language, form and structure of Art.

Pokey pics 003A couple of years ago, I was working on a project about the yellow eyed penguin, and we just happened to come up with a story about Pokey, which we turned into a book, illustrated by the children. This book was the culmination and celebration of an integrated exploration of Art and the natural world.

The story of Pokey laid the foundations for another book. More recently we have been working on a project about Space, which has also been celebrated in an Art book called, “t’s Dark in Space.” This book features 50 colour plates of wonderful drawings the the children’s own captions underneath. I have been working with book designer, Christine Buess, to produce this visual feast of drawings about Space. This book reflects the energy and joy generated over four months of space exploration through drawing. It also reflects what is possible when you’ve only been on the planet for four years! These images are references to our own development of creativity, demonstrating what’s possible if children are offered the time, freedom, Art knowledge and the value that creativity requires.

To fund the printing costs I will be running a crowdfunding campaign, and any recovered costs will allow me to create a third book.

Exhibition at Eastern Southland Art Gallery

RE17-02 2The exhibition at Eastern Southland Art Gallery will be running sometime in early 2017. I am aiming at showing fifteen paintings, which together, tell the story of the history of the Crown Lynn swan vase, now a prized New Zealand icon.

The first painting in this collection depicts a swan vase from Europe, beside a reflection of a Crown Lynn vase, made in New Zealand. The paintings that follow this, represent the rise of the trickle glaze, mass production, the perfect gift, the height of popularity, followed by the eventual demise of Crown Lynn. At this stage of the show, the paintings represent the crash, the age of darkness, obscurity and then the rise to its present elevated status as one of New Zealand’s iconic objects.

This collection describes a piece of New Zealand’s history through paintings executed in oil on board , in a series of oval and circular shapes.

Paintings & Drawings of the Natural World & Still Lifes